Saturday, 30 December 2017

My Captains Day!

Today was my Captains day! Originally, it was supposed to take place in April and its now December! There was a good turn out of people in the end and it was a really enjoyable day. It was a great way to cap off an amazing year as the Tidworth Garrison Golf Club Junior Captain! Well done to Max Wrixon and Matt Pritchett for winning.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Christmas Day!

Today is Christmas Day! No golf today, hanging out with the family, playing games, eating food and opening presents!!

Friday, 8 December 2017

Birthday Round at Tidworth with Dad!

Today my Dad and I played at my home club Tidworth for my 18th birthday! I had a great time even if it was extremely cold! I played OK and shot 1 over (gross) front 9 but unfortunately let it go on the back 9 and was 5 over. So, I ended up shooting 76 but in the cold and wind I will settle with that!

Thursday, 7 December 2017

My 18th Birthday!

Today it was my 18th birthday! I had a great day and received lots of cards and really nice presents. My Mum and Dad got me some Under Armour clothing and Harold Swash, Visio Putting aids which are great! Tomorrow we're going out for my birthday meal and also playing a round of golf with my Dad.

Sunday, 3 December 2017

4th Winter League Match VS Max and Harry

Today Tim and I played against my two good friends Max and Harry. Tim and I received 2 shots and Harry got 1. It was a great match which went all the way to the 17th (Tim and I knew it would be close!). We ended up winning 2&1 but it was a very close game! I played really well and shot a 70 (level par).
Our Winter League Record so far:
1- Halved in PARs (Harry & Me)
2- 1 Down to BIRDIE (Harry)
3- 2 Down to BIRDIE (Max)
4- Won with PAR (+1 shot) Back to 1 Down (Tim) 
5- 2 Down to BIRDIE (Max)
6- Halved in BIRDIEs Stays at 2 Down (Tim & Harry)
7- Halved in BIRDIEs Stays at 2 Down (Max & Me)
8- Won with PAR Back to 1 Down (Tim & Me)
9- Halved in PARs Stays at 1 Down (All had Pars)
Tim and I 1 Down after 9 Holes

10- Won with PAR All Square (Tim & Me)
11- Halved in PARs Stays All Square (Tim & Max)
12- Won with EAGLE 1 Up (Me on a Par 4) 
13- Halved in PARs Stays 1 Up (All had Pars)
14- Halved in PARs Stays 1 Up (Me, Tim & Max)
15- Back to All Square to BIRDIE (Max)
16- Won with PAR 1 Up (Tim & Me)
17- Won with PAR 2 Up (Tim)
18 WON 2&1