Thursday, 26 January 2017

Final Winter League match!

Today my Dad and I played our 5th and final winter league match against John Graham and David Snedden. We needed to win in order to have gotten through to the knock-out stages. Unfortunately, we halved the match (again!). It was a good game and overall I played quite well. We'll make it next year...hopefully!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Getting Custom Fit for New Woods!

This was one of a plans for 2017. Buy new woods. My old driver (cobra bio cell) was too high spinning and therefore meant that most of the time I hit high shots (not a good thing when hitting into the wind!). So today I went to get custom fit for TaylorMade/Callaway woods! it was a great experience using GC2 and seeing the shot data. The club fitter (Gary Booth) said that my numbers were very impressive. It was a very eye opening experience and I am very happy with the clubs I got fitted for.


TaylorMade M2 2017 driver
12 degree head set to 11 degrees
HZRDUS project X
Low Spin
Stiff (but tipped to make it slightly more firm)

Callaway GGB Epic 3 wood
15 degree head
Fujikura Pro 72
Low spin/low launch
Stiff (but tipped to make it slightly more firm)

I am yet to be fit for a new rescue but it will most likely be the TaylorMade M2 rescue (to match the driver).

(Left: My data with Cobra Bio Cell Driver)

Saturday, 14 January 2017

4th Winter League Match!

Today my Dad and I played in our 4th winter league match against Paul Mcnicol and Ian Folkes. Unfortunately, we halved the match however it was a good result co nsidering we were 3 down after five holes! we fought back strong and the match went down to the last hole! All-in-all it was a fun and close match.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Max and I VS Dennis Waits (5 handicap) & Mark Snape (+1 handicap)

Today Max and I played a fourball better match against Mark Snape and Dennis Waits! We all played well considering the conditions, however Max and I came out on top. We won 2&1! Overall it was a great game even if it was freezing cold!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

My Objectives/goals for 2017!

It's a new year and I have massive goals for this year!

1. Buy new woods
2. Cut handicap to 3.0 by December 31st
3. Play in as many club competitions as possible
4. Play in as many Junior Opens as possible
5. Increase fitness levels once free from illness
6. Eat more healthy
7. Become a better putter

The main objective of this year is to win as many competitions as I can and get my handicap a low as possible!