Saturday, 1 June 2013

June 2013!

Yes I am useless and nothing has been added for over a year!

So much has happened that I will miss things and have probably forgotten a lot. So here is a short list with some details where I can remember:

  • April 2012 - finally became Junior member at Tidworth Garrison Golf Club
  • Continued to see Charlie every 6 weeks down at Burgess Hill Golf Centre
    • Worked on a lot of different aspects of my swing as needed
    • Kept in touch using video feedback that Dad takes whilst I am playing and practising
  • Carried on going to Tidworth Academy until the end of 2012 but now spend the time on the course playing rounds
  • Bought a new putter (2nd hand) putter from the Pro Shop - TaylorMade Rosso - then added a Chelsea grip :-)
  • Asked to attend Wiltshire Junior Golf Academy in May 2012 which ran until the Autumn
  • Finally (just after Christmas) managed to complete 3 rounds for handicap so now have an official handicap of 28
  • Invited back to Wiltshire Academy March 2013 for early season training
  • Have set target for 2013 to get down to 18 handicap and then down to 8 for 2014....
  • Bought myself a new (2nd hand) driver and 3w from the pro shop - TaylorMade RBZ - very nice!
  • New driver and 3w have made a huge difference to my game as much longer
  • Dad is still keeping on all my stats on spreadsheets but I don't really look at them as often as I should
  • Dad has created a spreadsheet I can use on my phone to record my short game block practise scores when I go up to the club
  • As soon as the clocks changed I started going up to the club 3 times a week after school
  • May 27th I finally played by first handicap open junior competition at Cumberwell Park. It was very very windy and I found it a hard. I had some great holes but some not do great - didn't earn any OOM points which was my target
  • Played a junior Bowmaker at TGGC on 29th May and the team came third, only 3 points behind the winners!
  • 31st May I was asked to represent the club in a match on Sunday so hopefully more news then