Sunday, 21 June 2015

Friday 19th and Sunday 21st With Max

On Friday and today I played very good. On Friday Max and I played 14 holes and I shot 39 (which is 4 over gross) front nine and the 5 holes and the back nine I was level gross, so really happy and I reached the 499 yard par 5, 6th, in 2 :D

Today, I also played with Max and shot 82, so one over handicap, not too bad. Front nine I shot 38, one better than yesterday, on the par 5, 6th, I hit a 295 yard drive down the middle and on the par 14th I hit a 351 yard drive down the middle. On the back nine I shot 44 which let my front nine down but it was OK. Overall a fun round.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Work Experience at TGGC Pro shop with Terry, Jo, Jane, and James! :D

Last week, 15th - 19th, I completed one weeks work experience in my local pro shop it was good fun but only when the shop was busy and I wasn't cleaning buggies! :( Work experience was very useful and I learnt a lot even if it was boring at times. I learnt how to check stock and put it into a 'goods in' book and put it on to the system. I also learnt how hard it was for Terry to make money when there were no customers practically all week (Monday - Thursday), however, on Friday it was much better I still did a lot of cleaning but I learnt the most important thing, which was how to re-grip clubs. But on Friday it was more busy and the best day by far because we made a lot of money! Overall a great week with all the pros.

Thank you Terry! :D

Golf Leadership course

Today, I visited North Wilts to take part in a golf leadership course. It was very useful however a bit on the boring side, it consisted of me and group of us being taught by an advanced PGA professional who teaches young children the importance of keep golf alive and popular. I learnt a lot of important things and had some fun whilst doing it. Within a month I should also have a certificate saying I am 'qualified' to do low level teaching :D

Thursday, 18 June 2015

New Bag and Grips!

Today whilst doing work experience I got a new bag and I got my clubs re-gripped. I got the new motorcaddy pro series bag, black with blue piping. I also got the Multi compound blue and titanium grips. They are both really nice however very expensive!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Bulford Cup (Am & Pm)

Today I played in the 36 hole comp the 'Bulford Cup' I shot 89 Nett 78 and 82 Nett 71. So a terrible first round however I had to birdies on 2 par 3s which won me £14 and the second round was ok becuase it was in the buffer zone :D overall an 'ok' day

Saturday, 6 June 2015

June 6th Monthly Medal

Today I played in the monthly medal and played really well. I shot an 80 which is 1 under handicap however the standard scratch went up to 71 therefore I was 2 under handicap. Overall really happy with how today went and I even had 2 doubles!

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

New shoes!

After a year and a bit my Ashworth golf shoes have finally packed in. So I brought a new pair. Be hold...The New Adidas Boost golf shoes! they are very comfortable golf shoes that support the heel well. Overall great pair of shoes!