Saturday, 19 November 2016

Captains Challenge (I'm The Junior Captain 2017)

Today I played in the captains day. I played with Frank (Club Captain), Dick (Seniors Captain) and Morag (Ladies Captain). It was a fun and format, the format was a stableford where the Captains and Vice captains had to set the best score possible and members had to try and beat it. We managed to set a score of 35 stableford points, achieved by the Seniors Captain and Vice Captain and myself. I played ok however as usual it should have been a lot better, overall a fun day.

#2017JuniorCaptain #CaptainsChallenge #Chip-inOnThe13th #Two's #Cold #EarlyStart #7:40TeeOff

7/14 Fairways
5/18 GIR
31 Putts (with 2, three putts & 5, putts missed from 6ft and in)

Saturday, 12 November 2016

2nd Winter League Match

Today my Dad and I played against the strong and very good pair, Rob Long and Kev Locker. It was a very close game and it came down to the last hole where unfortunately for Team Taylor Rob holed a 30 footer for birdie, which meant we lost 1 down (my solid par wasn't good enough). I played well and shot 76. Overall, nice round with two great lads.
#MatchPlay #Winterleague


Nett: -1
Gross: +6
Fairways: 7/14
GIR: 8/18
Putts: 32 (no 3 putts)

Sunday, 6 November 2016

November Monthly Stableford!

Today I played in the monthly stableford with my Dad and Tim. The weather wasn't great, it was extremely windy therefore hard playing conditions. I didn't play well and had 30 points which is 6 over handicap.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Testing Titleist Balls!

Today I received some prototype golf balls from Titleist. I have to test them and then tell them what I think of the balls in a survey. I cannot wait to get out on to the course and test these bad boys!
Thank you Titleist!