Sunday, 4 March 2012

Weekly update

Monday - Playing fields - 7 iron block practise 50 balls, Longest 102 yards, average 65 yards.

Tuesday - Playing fields - 7 iron block practise 50 balls. Longest 118 yards, average 85 yards.

Thursday - Playing fields - Wood session - Rescue, 3 wood and driver. Good plane and back swing. Mostly straight and good distance with all 3. Longest was driver from in front of clubhouse to back fence.

Saturday - Academy at TGGC. Played holes 1-3.

Best hole was the 1st. Teed off into strong wind from front of tee and drove to 150 yard marker (out drove others). Used 3 wood and hit good low shot which landed 5 yards from front right of green. Chipped on with 9 iron and ended up 10 foot from hole but above. First putt was tricky down hill but slipped past right edge. Missed silly 3 foot back up hill and pushed it right!

Worst hole was 3rd. Drove high right towards trees into rough. Rescue shot got caught in trees. Fortunately was able to get out of trees with 9 iron. Then hit good rescue to about 10 yards of front of green. Chipped on with 9 iron but a little strong and went 20 foot past pin. 4 putted!!